In the current state of business around the world, with a still strong health crisis that has put a heavy toll on the sales of many companies, campaign performance tracking technologies have become widely popular and terms like growth hacker are the latest buzzword. However, while almost all online marketing and sales efforts are being easily and consistently tracked, sales calls are often one of the most neglected activities when it comes to keeping up with the results.


Although use of sales calls is not the preferred form of communication in the business world anymore (text is winning that race) it’s still one of the best forms of interpersonal communication as well as one of the most common sales techniques used to reach prospects and existing customers alike. And yet, many companies still treat their sales calls like a sort of opaque operation. 

Sales calls tracking, selling better to sell more

When it comes to offline customer journeys, many companies struggle not only to determine the ROI of their marketing efforts, but also  to know how to best use their budgets to obtain more conversions for less money. This is particularly difficult for those companies where sales calls are one of the main sales generating activities.



Using a software to track sales calls and their performance can help those companies gain a better understanding of the outcome of their campaigns and determine the best course of action. Sales calls tracking software work by registering all important data from sales calls, capturing insights regarding the quality, urgency, and conversion rate of each one.



It is high time for including sales calls tracking as dimension of your business analytics. A sales call tracking solution will help your company measure how your offline inbound calls are performing, and analyze the quality and conversion rate of those calls at scale. The insights obtained can be used then to optimize sales performance with the ultimate goal of obtaining the highest possible amount of qualified phone leads with the lowest cost per lead.


With 44% of businesses stating an intention to increase their IT budgets in 2020, companies are investing in new sales solutions to better adapt to the new competitive environment. A sales calls tracking software is one of the best investments in sales solutions that a company could make without a doubt. However, it is necessary to know which are the features to look for in a good sales tracking solution, as not all of them are equally equipped to offer you the best performance. 

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Sales calls tracking software can help your salespeople sell better and sell more

What should a good sales calls tracking software offer you?

One of the most common promises made by most sales softwares is their capacity to boost data-driven sales. And, yet, not all sales solutions are the same. Just having a sales calls tracking software in place will guarantee an increase on closed deals. The functionality of the system and, mainly, the fact that it is liked and therefore used by the workforce, will be major determinants on the achievement of that promise.



When choosing a sales calls tracking software, be sure that it checks all these boxes:



1. Simple and intuitive use


Our first rule for any business software is that it must be easy to use. 30% of salespeople say closing deals is getting harder and harder. That is not surprising, if we consider the increment in the number of competitior and the overload of marketing messages that prospects are exposed to daily. There’s no need to make the job of your salesforce harder by using a complicated software. 


The best possible software will be one that is both easy to install and easy to use for both your sales and marketing teams. Using a software that works on top of an already widely spread and known program, like Teams, could be an excellent option. 



2. Customer profiles



The chosen software program should offer you the possibility to create and instantly access a profile for each customer in which their most relevant data is included.
An exceptionally good sales calls tracking software would as well integrate all this profiles automatically to your CRM, thus creating a repository of historic insights for each customer that can be accessed at any time. 

3. Real-time and historic insights 

When a sales rep is on the phone with a customer, they cannot wait until the call is over to access important customer data. Real-time insights that can be accessed at any point are determinant to deliver a personalised sales experience to the customer and increase the chanced of the call result in a conversion for the sales rep.
On top of that, the possibility of accessing a proper analytics and reporting software will give you the ability of tracking the historic of phone calls, conversion rates an ROI with a given customer, using that data to plan future calls and render customer journeys more effective.

4. Automated CRM integration

According to Hubspot17% of salespeople cite lack of integration with other tools as the biggest challenge using their existing CRM. 
On top of that, if the data in our CRM is not correct, sales will become even more challenging. On average, 70% of CRM data “goes bad” or becomes obsolete every year. Bad management and entry of CRM data costs the average salesperson 20 lost sales each year, which translates to an average loss of 12.000€ per salesperson. Only in the US, dad data costs companies $3 Trillion per year.
That is why, a sales calls tracking software that automatically integrates the call data into the CRM of the company not only will save time, but avoid bad data and future sales loss to the organisation. 

5. Mobile ready

Nowadays, mobile devices are the norm and not the exception in the workplace. Furthermore, with the Corona crisis and the extensive adoption of remote working, hardly ever your salesforce will be tied to a tabletop and a cable phone. That is why your call tracking software must be not only mobile ready, but developed with a mobile first attitude, so the use on any mobile device is as smooth and efficient as with a more traditional set up. 


6. Actionable alerts and notifications


Most salesforce workers will agree that one of the most important aspects for a successful sales call is timing. Scheduling the calls that need to be made is then a very important step of the process.


When a customer needs to be called, the sales rep must be notified so that they can make the call happen. If there’s something that customers hate more than unwanted calls is to wait for a call that never happens. 


Customers who are waiting for a call, either because they have requested it or agreed to it on the first place, tend to be highly involved and are likely to move down the funnel, so missing this chance would have a direct impact on your sales and might even mean loosing the trust of that customer on the long run. 

7. Scalable and customisable 



With time, the size and needs of your company and your salesforce will change. That is why the sales calls tracking software that you choose must be able to change with it. Make sure that the solution you choose has the capability to scale, and check the costs associated with doing so. If the software gets significantly more expensive at higher levels, consider whether or not it’ll still produce a positive ROI for your team. Your needs are unique, so your call tracking software must be flexible and customizable enough to meet these needs.

As the size or your organisation and your sales team varies, so will your needs concerning your sales calls tracking software

Our advice to choose a sales calls tracking software

It is very important to careful consider all the options available when choosing a sales calls tracking software. Nowadays, with organizations increasingly striving to provide seamless customer experience every stage of the customer journey, and the pressure on measuring performance of sales, some unscrupulous software providers are trying to get onboard this wagon, offering low-performing solutions that do not necessarily meet the requirements listed above.


In Supervise, we are offering you SuperCards, the only software that your salesforce will ever need, built on top of the robust and safe environment of Microsoft Teams. Within SuperCards, you can find our very own sales calls tracking solution, SC Calls, or you can just acquire it as a stand-alone plug-in.


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