Need help deploying your Teams solution?

There could be a lot of frustration and misunderstanding when trying to publish your own solutions on Teams. Trust us, we know.
We’ve been through the same tiring process of getting our own apps approved.
May be we could help you with yours?

Why publish your solution on Teams?

You’ve made it, you’ve gone ahead and created your own app and it is working like you’ve never imagined! So why keep it to yourself?

Through Teams, you have the option to publish your work.
Share your awesome apps with others, let them reap the benefits too. Who knows? If it works, you may put a price tag on it.

en employee using a laptop

Pricing plan

We can help you via consultancy-like services, or you can even entrust your apps to us and we will get them published for you.

No matter the case, we offer a hassle-free experience for an affordable price.

Looking for a Custom Teams Bot?

If want to start using your own custom bot and you don’t know where to start, contact us. We got your back!