SC Deals - Microsoft Teams perfected for sales

SC Deals is a sales suite that integrates Dynamics 365 into Teams, helping salespeople to save time, money and avoid bad data.

SC Deals makes Teams the only business software that salespeople will ever need.

One window stop for sales

SC Deals is a simple solution that fulfils the unkept CRM promises by integrating Teams with Dynamics 365

Keeps your sales pipeline 100% up-to-date

SC Deals bot will notify you if your opportunities are out of date.

Automatically tracks your sales calls

One-click call and contact record creation to Dynamics 365.

Quickly creates records to Dynamics

Manage your sales activities on the go with your mobile, voice supported.

Never miss a task or call

SC Deals bot will notify you if you have stuff on your to do -list.

Simple and intuitive

CRM does not have to be troublesome, we make it smooth.

Tiny shopping cart filled with 50 euro notes

Sell better, sell more

SC Deals is a versatile sales solution for Teams that integrates with Dynamics 365 to make the job of sales managers, sales reps and IT managers easier.


For instance, you can use SC Deals for:

Pay just for what you need

We want to offer you the best service for a fair price. That is why we offer a monthly price based on the number of users, so you just pay for the needs of your salesforce.


14,90 / user/month
  • The easy plug-and-play solution. No fuss, no coding. Just install and enjoy


Tailored price
  • If your company needs a custom solution that integrates with the current IT systems, or has to comply with custom standards, our team of experts is here to assist you

How to get started

Just follow these easy steps and you are good to go:

1. Book a demo

Contact our sales team and book a demo appointment to learn all SC Deals can do for you.

2. Start a trial

After completing the form for your trial order, you will receive instructions how to start communicating with the bot. No separate installations needed. 

3. Insert your license key

The bot will ask automatically for the license key. Copy paste your license key number and follow the instructions.

4. Customize the bot

When the setup is done, you register to the bot. If you need to change any of the settings, just type in admin_settings keyword. 

Other CRM integrations coming soon!

SC Deals works now seamlessly with Dynamics 365 Sales. Would you like to use it with some other CRM system?