Log your sales calls to your CRM with Teams

Our vision is to make Teams the only business software that salespeople will ever need.

SC Calls is an easy and automated sales call tracking software that works seamlessly on mobile and desktop.

Track you sales calls effortlessly

Most of the sales software is too complicated and bothersome to use. We aim to fix that.


SC Calls is a sales calls tracker that automatically logs your sales calls into Teams, without the need of any complicated action by the user:

Track your sales calls to your CRM

SC Calls helps you keep track of all the important data of your calls: type of call, duration, call history, customer profile and more. 

Switch seamlessly between mobile and desktop

SC Calls has been developed with a “mobile first” mindset. You will be able to switch easily between your desktop and your smartphone, and SC Calls will just run as smooth in both. 

30 day free trial available

Not convinced yet? No problem. Try it now for free during a month without the need for further commitment. 

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Sell better, sell more

SC Calls sales calls tracker for Teams cures the pain points of sales managers, sales reps and IT managers alike.


For instance, you can use SC Calls for:

Expand the possibilities with SC Deals

Looking for more? We got you. With SC Deals, our sales solution for Teams, we can offer you further plug-and-play functionalities to make SC Calls a truly comprehensive sales and sales calls tracker solution. The only sales assistant you will ever need.  

Pay just for what you need

We want to offer you the best service for a fair price. That is why we offer a monthly price based on the number of users, so you just pay for the needs of your salesforce.

If your company needs a custom solution that integrates with the current IT systems, or has to comply with custom standards, our team of experts is here to assist you.  


9,90 / user/month
  • Simple record management
  • Access to Power BI reports
  • Works on mobile
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 support


Tailored price
  • Customised sales solution
  • Seamless and safe integration with current systems
  • Simple record management
  • Access to Power BI reports
  • Works on mobile
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • 24/7 support

How does SC Calls work?

Our focus on user experience is all about simplicity, both for the end users and the admins. Besides, our products work on top of a secure Microsoft ecosystem, so you don’t need to worry about compliance. 


SC Calls is equipped to offer you the simplest plug-and-play solution, so you can focus on what’s really important: closing those deals. Besides, we are continuously working to add more features, so you’ll get more functionalities for the same price!


This is how SC Calls works:

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1. Make or receive a call

Make or receive a call with your customer either on your laptop, smartphone or any other device where Teams is installed.

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2. SC Calls fetches data from CRM

SC Calls bot will automatically trigger a customer smart card where you can easily log all the important data concerning the call.  

Pink statistics logo

3. Caller details are displayed in Teams

Both on desktop and mobile, you will be able to access all the customer data on previous calls, purchase history, and more via Microsoft Teams.

Image depicting an automatic sync of data

4. Call data is logged into your CRM

After the call is finished, all the data saved on the card will be automatically updated into your CRM. No need for you to do anything extra.

A logo depicting data sheet in pink

5. Access call statistics anytime

At any given point, you will be able to access all your call statistics on Power BI, so you can focus on the important data and get better results.