What if your current business software was actually useful?

Fall in love again with your existing business software. Say goodbye to complex procedures, annoyances, headaches and high costs. Welcome to SuperCards, the simple and intuitive solution that integrates seamlessly with your system and with your heart.


What's SuperCards?

Most of the business software is (still) way too complicated to use. We aim to fix that.



SuperCards is a tool that makes daily tasks frictionless by integrating Dynamics 365 and Azure SQL into one simple solution that works on top of MS Teams.

SuperCards is a great way to simplify business processes and it allows users to take pertinent action at the right time. SuperCards increase D365 user adoption with an intuitive card-based UI and doesn’t require any training.
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One solution, countless applications

SuperCards is a versatile solution, that can be adapted to your unique needs. For instance, you can use SuperCards for:

  • Setting alerts and notifications 
  • Quickly searching and updating records 
  • Creating new records effortlessly 
  • Sending questionnaires and surveys 
  • Content sharing
  • Granting and requesting approvals 
  • Collecting leads

Simple is as simple does

SuperCards not only simplify your tasks with other business software, it is simple to manage itself! You won’t even break a sweat getting your SuperCards up and running:

  • Creating the scenarios to support the business processes is easy-peasy with the SuperCards admin tool
  • User management and access control can be set up in a breeze
  • SuperCards Template builder allows even the noob users to intuitively customise the tool by dragging-and-dropping the fields
  • SuperCards are based on the Adaptive Cards framework and run on secure Microsoft platforms
  • SuperCards work on mobile devices too! You just need to have MS Teams installed and you are good to go

Out-of-the-box use cases

Currently, SuperCards is equipped to offer you the following out-of-the-box use cases. No coding, no-fuss. Just plug-and-play.


Besides, we are continuously working to add more ready to use features to SuperCards, so you’ll get more functionalities for the same price!
  • Create or update any record
  • Alerts for outdated opportunities
  • Task management
  • Alerts for due phone calls
  • Notifications of won opportunities
  • Approval processes
  • Update outdated contacts
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Automatic contact creation
  • Drag-and-drop file saving
  • Meeting memos
Customer service
  • Case creation
  • Alerts on new cases
  • SLA failure alerts
  • Assign and classify cases
  • AI suggestions for case routing and classification
  • Fuzzy Search
  • Update outdated contacts
  • Drag-and-drop file saving
Workplace essentials
  • Employee satisfaction survey + Power BI report
  • Praise your colleague (anonymous or public)
  • Hour logging + Power BI report
  • Collect feedback
  • Whistleblowing
  • Daily lunch menu
  • Daily comics
  • Share articles (Chrome add-on)
  • Drag-and-drop file saving

The future looks bright!

Currently, we support connections between Dynamics 365 and Azure SQL to Microsoft Teams, but we want to share the joy of SuperCards with users of other platforms as well. You all deserve a nicer, more intuitive and rewarding everyday tool. 

For our next development wave, SuperCards will include integrations to Salesforce and Slack. 

Stay tuned, we will not stop here.

SuperCards makes your processes simpler, smarter and frictionless.

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