Changing your way of working with CRM might sound scary.
Fear not! We are here to help.

So if you have any doubts, check our SuperCards FAQs bellow.

SuperCards is a tool that helps managing the most tedious tasks related to CRM systems on an easy way. Based on the MS Adaptive Cards technology, SuperCards provides actionable snippets that simplify data management tasks into one command-one card packages.

After installing the software, you can create your own SuperCards, with the trigger commands that you want and the functionalities that you need, in our super intuitive Admin Tool. Once created, you can start using SuperCards immediately. That easy.

Installing SuperCards is super simple. We provide you with an installation file that you will add to your MS Teams (note that this requires admin rights). Then, you’ll need to provide application user credentials to Dynamics 365 (don’t worry, we’ll help you doing this and it’ll take just 5 mins). After setting up the environment, all you have to do to start using SuperCards is to simply type in the register command and you are good to go.

No at all! SuperCards is not like any other software. It is a solution to help you manage your current software in a more intuitive way. You can think of it as a personal assistant willing to do all the tedious CRM tasks for you while you only have to write down a few commands.

Of course not! The magic of SuperCards is that it works on top of your current CRM solution, therefore making it more usable and likeable.

Yes, that is one the key benefits of SuperCards. It will work on top of any CRM solution, even the tailored ones, with a native look!

Yes, of course! You just need to have MS Teams installed on your mobile device and you are good to go. 

Yes, if you have your Azure subscription up and running, it is also possible have it deployed in your own environment. Anyways, to avoid the hassle of upgrades and to ensure that you have the latest features, our recommended model is to provide SuperCards without any external installations. 

Right now, SuperCards will be one application user in your D365 environment, thus meaning that it will have its own security role to create the actions. If your use case requires user specific rights management, please contact us.

We would not call it a project. We provide out-of-the-box best practices for the  most common use cases within CRM systems that are just plug-and-play. If your use cases requires some modifications, we can build those scenarios really fast with our SuperCards template-editor.

We don’t believe that one pricing solution fits all the scenarios (think about the times you’ve hoped that your current CRM licenses would allow some adjustments). We want to find you the best solution for your company, that is why we offer tailored pricing solutions depending on the company size and its card usage needs. There are different price tiers that start up for as little as 199 euros/month (unlimited users). Contact us to get a personalized offer. 

SuperCards is a fully scalable solution. You can always upgrade or downsize the number of cards in use, and you will be billed accordingly, only for what you need.

Yes, in case you have any questions or doubts about SuperCards, you can contact us online or by phone.

Of course! If you want us to show you how SuperCards work, or you want to give them a go in your organization, contact us and we’ll get you set up an running in no time! You can start using our out-of-the-box uses cases for free for one month. 


Fall in love again with your existing business software. Say goodbye to complex procedures, annoyances, headaches and high costs. 



Welcome to SuperCards, the simple and intuitive solution that integrates seamlessly with your system and with your heart.

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