What can I do with SC Pulse?

We are constantly coming up with new use cases for SC Pulse. So far, you will enjoy the following features and benefits with SC Pulse: 

Weekly Pulse Surveys Get feedback from your employees actively, not only once a year. 
Responding to the pulse survey is fun Gamification feature with random fun gifs motivates the user to answer the survey. 
No need to install anything extra, works on Teams Yet another survey tool? Not this time. It works already on Teams. 
90% response rate Employee satisfaction surveys are known with low response rates. Our tool improves this a lot, guaranteed. We have seen up to 90% response rates to the surveys on average. 
Comments can be public or anonymous Sometimes you want to send the comment with your name and sometimes anonymously. You can decide. 
Power BI report  Get a ready-made Power BI report that will automatically update with the responses your employees give to the survey. The report can be used as an out-of-the-box template or be customized. 
Database access (upon request) You can also build your own reports. Just ask and we’ll give you credentials to your database with read-only access. 
Easy to answer on mobile If you have Teams set up on your mobile, you’ll get a notification through teams when you can answer with one single click. Easy.