What can I do with SC Project?

We are constantly coming up with new use cases for SC Project. So far, you will enjoy the following features and benefits with SC Project: 

Task Completed notification Project Managers will get a notification every time someone completes a task within their projects. This way project managers can stay up to date if the project is going as expected.  This is not very well achieved with Project for the Web out-of-the-box -tools. 
Daily Summary All project members get daily notifications of their tasks that are due or are to be completed within 7 days. This is useful for project members to check that they will not be the bottle-necks of the project. 
No weekend notifications The daily summary does not run on weekends. 
No email notifications We believe that Email notifications are a thing in the past. Teams notifications do not annoy that much and users can easily take action from the notification card itself, no need to sign in to a separate website.  
Task assignment notifications All new tasks will notify the responsible. Your project members will stay up-to-date what’s being expected from them. 
Easy to answer on mobile If you have Teams set up on your mobile, you’ll get a notification through teams when you can answer with one single click. Easy.