Prerequisites for SC Deals

Before starting to install SC Deals, please go through this list:

  • You can only install SC Deals to the same tenant in which your Dynamics 365 is configured.
  • You need to be running Dynamics 365 online, not on-premises
  • You need to configure an application user to your Dynamics 365 environment to authenticate with the bot. The application should have required permissions to read the most common sales-related tables in D365 and application modules (model-driven apps). For example, the Sales Manager role will do fine.
  • This bot is limited to one D365 application only, and you will be able to select the correct app module during the step-by-step installation wizard.
  • Ensure that the security role has access to the D365 application you want to configure to be used with SC Deals.

If you need help with the setup or would like to do a customized installation, we are here for you. Just drop us a message 🙂

Next page will guide you through the installation step-by-step