Installing SuperCards bot to MS Teams

Note: if you have a test environment available for Dynamics 365 Sales, we recommend you do the first installation to it. After you’re happy with the functionality, you can easily set it up again in the production environment.

You can find SuperCards bot from Microsoft Teams AppSource by searching for an app named SuperCards.

Note: the person who does the setup will be the admin user of the app.

After confirming to install the bot to your Teams environment from Microsoft AppSource, you will be prompted by a modal window. Choose Add and a new chat window appears. Begin the installation wizard by saying hi to our bot.

Next, the bot will ask for a license key. You can choose any of the license keys that you received on your welcome email.

Based on your order details, your details will be automatically filled in. Please verify them and check that you are using the same email address than your user has on Dynamics 365.

Next, the bot will ask for application user credentials and the crm base url.

We will update here a video showing how to create those within the next few days.

For now, SC Deals works only with one D365 App, so you need to choose the correct one for deployment. Please make sure that the end-users will have access to that app, or they might not be able to open the records through MS Teams. Also, choose the correct prefix that should be used for phone numbers and a timezone.

Finally, wait 2-3 minutes and everything should be in order.

When you see this happy face, you can start using SC Deals.

On next page, we’ll explain how rest of the users in your organization can start using SC Deals.