Automatic Contact recognition from emails

Our goal is to make CRM fully automated. Our Automatic Contact recognition from emails -feature helps you to achieve that goal.

How does it work?

  • When you receive or send an email, SC Deals checks on background if the email addresses already exist in your CRM database.
  • If there’s already a contact, we don’t do anything.
  • If there’s no matching contact, SC Deals will prompt you a Create Contact -card with prefilled values. Then you need to confirm the details, and that’s all done.
  • If you get a notification from a sender that you do not want to track in CRM, you can choose to blacklist the email address. Then SC Deals will not notify you any more of that contact.
  • We automatically block the most common notification emails so that you won’t get unnecessary notifications for spam.

Note: This feature needs access to your mailbox. That’s why we kindly ask you to contact us if you want to enable this feature in your organization.