What can I do with SC Deals?

We are constantly coming up with new use cases for SC Deals. So far, you will enjoy the following features and benefits with SC Deals: 

Create Account Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Contact Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Lead Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Task Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Opportunity Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Phone Call Basic functionality, just easier 
Create Appointment Basic functionality, just easier 
Create multiple records at once Creating a contact/account/lead/opportunity all separately is frustrating. Now you need only to fill in one form and you have all the necessary information in place 
Recognize Contacts from emails (& ability to blacklist) Updating contact information manually to CRM is tedious. Whenever you send or receive an email, our solution will check if you already have that contact in your CRM 
Outdated Opportunities notifications One of the most popular features of SuperCards. Keeping pipeline up-to-date is a real challenge that sales teams face. If pipeline is not up-to-date, CRM loses its purpose. We have seen cases where after one month from starting to use the tool, sales pipeline has been 100% up-to-date. Constantly. 
Outdated Contacts notifications Another super popular feature. Keeping CRM contacts up-to-date is necessary. Our tool will send notifications to contact record owners so that they can verify if the contact info correct and make fixes or deactivate the recrods. All the updates can be done through Teams.  We know that this is a too big challenge to fix all at once, so we show only 5 records a day max to the end users. Little by little, your CRM contacts miraculously start being up-to-date 
Alerts on Tasks due Get a notification 15 mins earlier when a task reaches its due time. 
Create Appointment Memo One of the trickiest problems for CRM systems. How to get meeting memos into CRM system so that others can also see what’s going on with the customer. You’ll get empty meeting memo template 15 mins before your meeting where you can write down quick notes about the meeting. No need to do anything else. 
Show Task in your Outlook Calendar If you would like to book time from your calendar to do the tasks that you have assigned to yourself, you can easily also make a calendar booking to your Outlook calendar to reserve the time required to complete the task. 
Fuzzy Search Anyone who has used Dynamics CRM knows that it can be tricky to find the correct records. Our bot takes care of it. If you don’t fully remember how a company name was written, our tool will show you the closest matches where you can pick the correct one. 
Cache for large datasets Dynamics CRM APIs and thousands of records can be a bit slow from time-to-time. We can enable a cache feature when needed. 
Undone jobs (tasks, opportunities, phone calls) Easily see all undone jobs at once. 
Personal settings Do not want to get alerts at all? No worries, all the users can easily configure their own preferences. 
Admin settings No need for any other management portal for SuperCards. Your admin user can configure all the settings through the same bot. 
Intuitive UI We have spent a lot of time thinking how users could interact easiest with a bot. SC Deals is a superb example how it should be done. 
Outlook Calendar tracking Add a category to an appointment in your Outlook calendar and you can track the appointment to your CRM. In addition, you can add classifications to the  appointment details.