What can I do with SC Convert?

We are constantly coming up with new use cases for SC Convert. So far, you will enjoy the following features and benefits with SC Convert: 

Convert image files to PDF Upload any image file from your computer to SuperCards bot and it will convert it to PDF file. 
Convert photos from phones to PDF No need to save images into any other location, just take a photo from with your phone and you will receive it as a PDF-file. 
Automatic file deletion Files are deleted from our cloud storage. 
Choose file save name settings With couple of clicks you can define the file save name to include username and timestamp. Also free text naming is available. 
Get PDF-file download link Please note, the PDF files will be accessible anyone with the URL. However, you can configure the interval how often the files are being deleted and making the links unusable.  URLs are formatted so that they are almost impossible to guess. 
Configure auto storage destination If you want, we can configure your organization some specific destinations for the files so that one manual step can be removed from the file saving process. Just ask from our support and we’ll help you out.  Common destinations for auto save: Account / Contact / Opportunity / Contract records in Dynamics 365 / Power Platform  SharePoint folders Teams Folders Dropbox Local disks 
Receipt Scanner One typical use case for SC Convert is to use it as a receipt scanner. Just take photo of your receipt with your mobile.  
Multiple use cases There are multiple use cases for the tool. Whenever you need a simple way to convert images to PDFs, you can use these. For example inspections at sites is a common use case for SC Convert. 
No additional installations required If you already have MS Teams, no need to install anything else.