What can I do with SC Calls?

We are constantly coming up with new use cases for SC Calls. So far, you will enjoy the following features and benefits with SC Calls: 

Track Outgoing and Incoming Calls in D365 /Power Platform /RapidStartCRM Getting phone call activities is a typical problem for CRM systems. No one has the time to sign in to CRM to log them separately.  
Works on Android Works only on Android for now. 
Blacklist Block your private calls from being tracked.  
Does not drain battery App does not do anything extra. Even if it stays open, it does not drain your battery. 
Easy to enable/disable on Phone App does not ask you anything extra. Just enable or disable it. Open the app when the workday begins and close it when it ends. 
Call Logs in Teams No time to write down the contact info or call details? Don’t worry, you will find all the call info from Teams whenever you want. 
Voice supported You can dictate the phone call info or what you discussed with the client and have that information available in your CRM automatically. 
Recognizes phone numbers from CRM Even if you don’t have the contact details, but your CRM has, you will see the contact info straightaway in Teams. 
Get Contact details from your Phone contact book If you have already typed in the contact details to your phone, you do not need to rewrite the details when creating the contact to your CRM.