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Which is the best remote collaboration tool for you?

[rev_slider alias="Best-remote-collaboration-tool"][/rev_slider] The current Corona virus crisis has forced us to move into remote working, weather we wanted it or not. Although the situation varies per industry and country, this global crisis has irrevocably and undeniably changed the way we work. Most employees have embraced remote working and are not ready to give up on it...

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4 reasons why User Experience fails in Business Software and 4 solutions to fix it

[rev_slider alias="blog-user-experience-business-software"][/rev_slider] If we were to rank the most common complains among users of business software solutions, the king of all annoyances would most likely be the lack of a seamless and rewarding user experience when working with those programs. Despite all the advances done in programming in the past 30 years, we cannot help but...

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