Collaboration tools

How to choose the best employee survey for your company?

[rev_slider alias="blog-best-pulse-survey-"][/rev_slider] As we discussed on our previous post, employee surveys are very effective tools to carry out organizational listening and to obtain actionable feedback on topics  that matter to the employees and the organization alike, such as employee satisfaction, job role, communication, relationships, and work environment. Gathering employee feedback is a powerful tool to ensure that...

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Employee Pulse Surveys, the key to employee satisfaction

[rev_slider alias="blog-employee-pulse-survey"][/rev_slider]Within the modern leadership best practices, gathering employee feedback is considered as one of the most powerful ways to ensure that employees feel engaged, valued, and stay motivated overall. Prominent scholars on employee relations attribute direct financial benefits to the ability to proactively and effectively listen to employees as a means to create and...

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Server room

How to choose the best cloud service for your company

[rev_slider alias="choose-best-cloud-service"][/rev_slider] Most companies have found their own way around the cloud by strategically choosing a combination of the different services which best serve their interests. However, many SME just taking their first steps into the cloud might feel a bit lost in the chaos of acronyms and options available, when it comes to choosing the...

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Someone working remotely

Which is the best remote collaboration tool for you?

[rev_slider alias="Best-remote-collaboration-tool"][/rev_slider] The current Corona virus crisis has forced us to move into remote working, weather we wanted it or not. Although the situation varies per industry and country, this global crisis has irrevocably and undeniably changed the way we work. Most employees have embraced remote working and are not ready to give up on it...

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