Our story

Supervise was born as the embodiment of a belief: that business software doesn’t need to be complicated.


With years of experience working in consulting firms, Supervise founder and CEO, Lasse, observed firsthand the huge amounts of money and resources that firms invested in business software solutions; only to later find out that employees were not even using them. Employees found the software to be too complex, slow, and inefficient, so they used their own solutions instead.


Being a natural problem solver, Lasse decided to do something about it. That is how, in 2017, he quit his job and founded Supervise. His goal was to offer simple and smart business software solutions to complex problems. The focus was on usability of the systems and simplicity of the processes, in order to provide the best possible user experience.

Supervise Oy

Why Supervise?

We exist to make easier.


Because you are tired of spending loads of money and devoting nerve-wrecking, never-ending hours to learn how to use yet another business software


Because you believe there must be an easier way to manage all your data

Result driven

Because the ROI you are getting from your current solutions is ridiculous


Because agile management is not just another buzzword for us


Because your employees simply don't like your current solution, so they cut corners, making you lose valuable know-how and insights in the process

No non-sense

Because we have been where you are right now and we have figured out the most efficient path to improving your situation

Our Culture and our Team

In Supervise we are basically problem solvers. The kind of people who see a challenge and rolls up their sleeves instead of quivering. We have a practical, hands-on approach to life, and we believe that the simplest solutions are usually the smartest ones.


We gather an heterogenous team of diverse people whose passion for excellence is only matched by the uniqueness of the values and points of view that they pour into the group. At Supervise we support and encourage our employees’ curiosity and hunger for knowledge, and we welcome all quirks, fandoms, genders, sexual orientations, body shapes and sizes, religions (or lack of thereof), hobbies, family types, countries of origin, languages, diet types and pets.


We encourage our employees to come up with creative solutions and innovative approaches to familiar situations. We don’t simply think outside the box, we put the box in the cardboard recycling bin a long time ago.


We challenge the status quo by looking for clever and intuitive alternatives for a user-centered experience. We want to leave our mark in the business software industry by making it more human-friendly.